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First double chance 1/2, then draw

There is no obligation to play only for low stakes. That is why we encourage you and at the same time explain the specific games that you can count on here. At the first stage it is advisable to use a betting exchange. Only some brands associated with bookmaking allow such solutions, so a good initial analysis will be necessary here. Then you choose football and actions will be matched to this sport. You can modify them slightly and reach for those assumptions which are close to the game formula, i.e. 1X2. What you should do in turn is to decide on a combination of two types. In the first case, you play for a double chance, i.e. 1 or 2 (win or lose). With a bet of $10 and odds of 1.5, you get $15 in potential winnings. The clear profit is $5. You then decide to play with the part of the stake you already have in hand and bet on the losing team to continue the draw in a separate coupon. The odds in this case go up very high. In case of a win you increase your profits, in case of a loss you still have a part of the winning bet left. The player is therefore left with extra cash in each case. In this strategy it is important to always keep safe reserves. On this basis you will be able to continue playing even if none of the planned actions ultimately proves successful. Below we will additionally introduce you to the aspects of betting that influence how you play and for what stakes. Here we mean first of all the promotions offered, but also the amount of odds. Customer service can also share valuable information, which will help you settle the coupon or explain any inaccuracies you may encounter, for example in the terms and conditions of the site.

Extras offered by bookmakers

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Speaking of strategies, remember that the bookmaker is aimed exclusively at adults. Bookmaker betting, also in the online edition, is a gambling issue, so you can be sure that only adults play there. Going through the process of creating an account only takes a few minutes. However, remember that you will additionally be asked to confirm your identity, which is a standard step and affects the safety of the game itself. The positive news for players will be that brands of this type actively support all the activities of their users. This means, of course, that you can expect excellent bonuses, both short-term and long-term. In the first place, you can undoubtedly count on the welcome promotion here. It is through this that you will increase your first deposit. This is usually the biggest action of each party, so it is always advisable to use it here.

For example, the deposit will be increased by 100% to the amount of USD 1,000, so you will find in your account as much as USD 2,000 with such actions. This, in turn, will allow you to play for twice as many coupons in the strategies you use. Of course, you do not have to worry here, because there are more solutions. We will add to them freebets and free bets, but also cashback or reload bonus, which is often renewable. Each of these factors helps, especially as some brands increase potential winnings depending on the number of events on the coupon. While this won’t work with the strategy we’ve described, it does with some of the ones available on the site.

Additional solutions in sports betting

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When it comes to the game itself, there are payment options waiting for you that you will do well to use. There is PayU, dotpay, blik, but also paysafecard and even Skrill and Neteller among others. Once you have paid, you can proceed to the selection of disciplines. Not only will you find such key sports as football, basketball, tennis and volleyball, but there’s also ice hockey, boxing, mma, baseball and many more, completed each day depending on the ongoing events. There is also a live betting section, so you can place your bets after the first whistle, watch the game and then place your bets depending on how the game is going. You can count on a lot of variety, including quick bets and additional bets.

Of course, sports betting has also taken care of a number of additional solutions, including customer service, which operates on the basis of live chat, but also often by email and telephone. It works every day from Monday to Sunday around the clock, although as companies show, there are exceptions to this and you can count on help only at selected times, for example from 9:00 to 21:00. If necessary, you can also count on support from the FAQ level, where explanations of most of the basic activities of the site are available. This is also where you can see records of odds played or live opportunities. With double odds and draws all this data can be helpful, although you should always take care of your assumptions and findings first and foremost. If you decide to use the tactics we have chosen, it is important to prepare properly. It is also the timing of the game and your commitment to the project that counts, which can ultimately result in a good and strong proposition for the money winnings themselves.

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