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Live betting on less than 4.5 goals in the first half

It should be remembered, however, to always test solutions at low stakes in order to minimize potential losses as much as possible. At the first stage it is not necessary to win, but to learn the game and the behaviour, which will then be transformed into further success. In the following text we would like to show you a light strategy, with small wins, but with a very high success rate, which means that there will almost always be wins. The goal will be to enter the live tab and select any match that is already in progress and preferably between the 40th and 50th minute. At this stage you already know how the team is performing and you can also see if any goals have been scored. It is safe to bet here if there are no goals, although there are some rules to follow throughout. Firstly, we maximise betting on a situation where one goal has already been scored. More goals means that the trend will continue in the second half. Secondly, do not bet on certainties, as the potential favourite scores more, and in evenly matched games this situation drops significantly. Thirdly, it is necessary to observe the game. If there is a lot going on, free kicks and corners, the risk increases again. Fourthly, we always exclude matches in which we have already seen a red card. Fifthly, we try to use matches in which… nothing interesting happens. We also absolutely avoid friendly matches and women’s matches.

Learn about the effectiveness of the strategy

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The Bundesliga can be cited as an example of the effectiveness of this bookmaker strategy. Last season, out of all meetings, only twice it happened that after a fruitless first half in the second half we met so many goals. This concerned skirmishes between teams from the top of the table and those that had only just emerged in the league. Remember to always have your defensive measures in place here. This means that if you lose, you will not have to change your strategy and you will continue to play with the settings you have adopted. This is very important and crucial from the point of view of the game and the safety of the game. In the following, we will add a few more features that will help you play more confidently and give you a better chance of winning. By this we mean promotions, odds offering and customer service. Each of these factors helps and winning is easier.

Promotions and the importance of odds


This is one of the strengths of the betting sites and is a point you should take note of, especially if you are hesitant and don’t yet know whether it is worth registering. First of all, it’s good to check out the VIP offer and the league system, which will provide you with greater profits through proper competition. There are also bonuses available for mobile play (although not everywhere) which you won’t be able to get on your desktop device. At the beginning you can also count on a risk-free bet, which means that in case of failure you will get back 100% of the previously placed cash. You should find a similar situation in the welcome action, where you double your first deposit. A full bonus statement will always be insanely important. The vast majority of brands will provide further issues in addition to initial ventures or VIP system and freebets. These can be modes that increase winnings from coupons depending on the number of events. On top of this, of course, there is the classic reload bonus or cashback and the system of inviting friends, so that both you and they gain specific bonuses.

The second of the most important factors in sports betting that we want to mention are the odds themselves. Usually the offer of bookmakers is divided so that everyone can choose a discipline appropriate to his needs and knowledge. Of course you will find thousands of proposals from football, but also from basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis, handball, speedway and dozens of others. In this respect, you can expect practically everything. Importantly, you will play on mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. You don’t have to worry about the software, because the responsiveness of the site is used, which is at the highest possible level and accessible to everyone. An important factor is of course the speed of the settlement of the coupons, which is almost always instant. You don’t have to wait for the money and resources that you have won, so you will be able to transfer them to further activities right away. Naturally, if you feel like it, you can immediately play with a live bookmaker. This functionality is based on playing already during the match, even from the stadium level. A great idea to analyse the course of a given event.

As far as customer support is concerned, it should of course be in. You will also find a FAQ section with explanations, but also consultants who will help you via live chat. It should operate at all times, also on weekends and holidays, but an exception in this matter are, for example, brands, which offer assistance only during designated hours, usually from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Remember that the longer the department works, the more support you will receive in the implementation of the strategy. Paradoxically, absolutely every possible factor in the game counts.

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