Making Projects Work

CEATI responds to the need for inter-industry application and international breadth of technical programs by developing and executing management of projects both within and beyond the scope of Interest Groups. Through CEATI, participants from around the world are brought together to identify critical issues and challenges, as well as to co-sponsor projects aimed at developing new technologies. Participants benefit further by conducting research at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently.
Project Development Services Include

  • Creating opportunities for collaboration and soliciting collaborative partners throughout project life
  • Developing Invitation for Proposals (IFPs)
  • Issuing IFPs for tender
  • Coordinating the evaluation of tenders and the selection of contractors
  • Project Management and Administrative Services Comprise
  • Negotiating and preparing agreements for cost sharing
  • Negotiating with contractors and processing the contracts
  • Obtaining funds, partners and acting as trustee
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with Project Monitors
  • Coordinating the project: scheduling progress reports, handling payments to contractors, controlling budget and cash flow
  • Reviewing of reports and publication

Post-project marketing services such as:

  • Publication, dissemination, promotion and sale of the final report
  • Managing related technology-transfer, including workshops
  • Negotiating commercialization and royalty agreements